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     The concept of retirement planning is familiar to most and will certainly include consideration of investments and investment planning.  Conversation will often center around 401(k)’s, IRA’s, investment strategies, asset allocation, diversification, or, perhaps, fixed and variable annuities.  While certainly relevant when discussing preparations for the future, it is imperative to consider other issues as well.  These additional planning items and strategies will have varying degrees of relevance at any point in time and are developed and evolve over the course of the many years of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.  A list of the areas addressed with our clients follows.  Some will be of concern now, others later.

Cash flow management- identifying and structuring cash inflows and outflows to satisfy lifestyle needs in an efficient manner that is mindful of investment and tax concerns.
Insurance planning- protecting against risks that can cause serious financial loss from disability, property damages, loss of life, personal/business liability, or medical/long-term care expenses.
Investment planning and management- determining available assets, how to appropriately position assets, and how to draw upon those assets to satisfy cash flow needs.
Education planning- identifying current and future education needs/goals and establishing strategies for satisfying such.
Income tax planning- managing income and deductions to the extent possible to minimize, reduce, and defer current and future income taxes.
Retirement planning- determining the retirement plan design suited to the circumstances to provide for the efficient accumulation of assets for retirement and, once in retirement, the appropriate method for drawing on such assets to satisfy cash flow needs.
Estate planning- providing for the effective and efficient distribution of the estate upon death.
Charitable planning- identifying the charitable intent of clients and determining how to suitably effect such.
Debt management- structuring mortgages, mortgage re-financings, lines of credit, and other debt in a manner that considers cash flow, tax deductibility, and overall costs.